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Kill Joy. D:

Our school, especially the college of nursing is very strict and I hate it so much. In the 4 years that I’ve studied in our university, my acts are limited. We are not allowed in many different things. We are not allowed to dye our hair, to have long nails and to have it tinted, […]


Let’s discuss about the punctuality. Haha! One of our reviewer in Psychiatric nursing emphasized the importance of being on time all the time. She stated that she never came to work late in her 35 professional years. That was a shocking though she lives in Los BaƱos, Laguna and commute everyday to go to University […]

I am a Security Guard.

This was taken on our campus and I imitated the security guards that are always reminding us to wear I.D. and to scan it before we go inside. I was a bit wondering because most of the security guards look mad whenever students are passing by. Probably, they want to scare the students or this […]


As days go by, I become more anxious as I realize that the nursing liscensure examination is getting nearer. I feel that I don’t have the guts and the confidence because I still think that I don’t have enough knowledge in answering all those questions. Until now, we go to school for our review in […]

New Blog! :)

I am just so happy that finally, I will be able to blog again. It’s been years since I had my own domain. Thanks to my sister who gave me this new blog site which I will take good care of. I also want to congratulate her for having good grades because of her hard […]