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I am with Zac Efron

I have a crush on Zac Efron that is why I want to watch his movies and I reblog photos of him when I see his pictures on tumblr. I do not know. There is just something special with his smile that I can not forget. He is like a boy next door and he […]

The Royal Wedding

Today is the wedding day of Prince William and Kate Middleton. They look good together and the wedding is very sophisticated. It is a dream wedding for every women. All of the girls have dreamed to be a princess, right? A princess that will go inside a castle wearing diamonds and gorgeous gowns with crowns […]

Acoustic Princess

I downloaded songs for my grandfather last time because he bought a cd player for his car and he said that he likes also to listen to new songs. I know that my grandfather wants old song so much that is why I thought for a genre that will suit his taste. I am very […]

Kamilkshake! :D

I really love milkshakes. I love milk and I love sweets. This is very delicious especially during summer days. We need coldness to combat the warm temperature we experience in this season. We need some cool stuff and cold beverages. MILKSHAKES are one of the best choices to stay cool this summer. Kamilkshake is one […]

Ice Creeaaaaam!

My Boyfriend and I went to an Ice cream shop last April 12, I think. I actually forgot the date and I became lazy in blogging about this. Well anyways, I really love Ice creams and I have a sweet tooth. We decided to try this ice cream though we are already full because we […]

Happy 1st Month!

Happy 1st monthsary to my blog preciousmelody.com. I had blogs before but I became too busy. This was given to me last March 25, 2011 by my sister, Dianne of spiffystar.com. I asked her to give me one so she gave me this. I thought of a domain name and precious melody became my last […]

Happy Easter!! :)

Let’s Celebrate. God is alive again. Happy easter!! Haha. I remember before when we were young, we play Easter egg hunt with my family. First, we boiled the eggs and then we painted different designs. We had a contest before. The judges were my parents and we have been creative in our own ways. Too […]