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Bianca = Gorgeous!

I really adore Ms. Bianca Gonzalez. She is very smart and witty. She can express her thoughts in her sweet way. She is also down to earth and very humble. I love her more because we both have “tan” skin tone. At first, I did not want to be like this. I want my skin […]

I love Yogi Bear!

I watched yogi bear the movie last April 19 with my sister. I was surprised because she did not know about yogi and boo boo bear. I knew them since we were young but my younger sister did not know them. Probably because she was too young back then. We can’t stop laughing. They are […]

Red Tulips

We lived in Cainta when I was young around maybe 3years old or something. Our street was Tulip and I did not know before that tulip is a flower for I know that It is not a flower, It is a STREET. Haha! When I was growing old and I am around 5 years old […]

Lion King, my favorite

I love animals probably that is why I also love Lion King. Haha. Since I was young, when we started to watch Lion King with my family, I became hooked to it. I almost cried when I first viewed the film. I love the characters on the story and there is special connection between us. […]

Clover Bits?

Do you know about that food? It was my favourite when I was young. It is like clover chips that are crashed into tiny bits. It can be bought on a sari-sari store and it is only one peso. I usually buy it before. I do not know if it is still available in the […]

PS move vs. Kinect

Another big fight is between the PS move of PS3 and kinect of 360. I have tried the kinect in my friend’s place and it was bloody awesome. You dont need any controller since the controller is your body and it is a good work out because you will burn a lot of calories while […]

Harvest Moon!

I love harvest moon so much. We played this ever since I was young. Our whole family loves this and we sometimes play this together. I was a part of our bonding moments back then. In this photo, it was harvest moon, boy and girl but back then, we play in our Play station 1, […]