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2 Days to Go!

I am ambivalent now. I am kinda nervous because board exam is just 2 days ahead of me. I am also excited because at last, I can sleep all night and I can say that I am sure that I am prepared already. haha! We should be confident and it is important to have a […]

Meet Bugoy/ Buboy.

Meet our Dog, He is Bugoy/Buboy. Yup, He has two names. Sometimes he was called by Buboy and Bugoy. He knows both of his names by the way. He looks at you whenever you call him as bugoy or buboy. He is a shitzu. He is very cute. He looks like a girl actually though […]

Be prepared!

We should always be prepared in all the things that we do. I am very sorry guys because I do not update much due to my schedule. My focus now is to study and to learn more so that I could answer the questions properly and correctly on our board exam. This experience is so […]

Everybody's fine

I watched this movie earlier and touched my heart. I really love movies like this because it caters the real developmental crisis that older men experience. We are all getting there and the children must take care of their parents as well. As much as possible, we never leave them alone like in our culture, […]