I am Donna. Registered Nurse. I am so much in love with music. I adore everything about fashion. Thank you for visiting my site. Comments are highly appreciated.

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Saturrrday Ache!

Well, I will share what happened yesterday. It was terrifying and the most painful day of my life. I mean literal. I haven’t felt this pain before and this was the worst. Until now, I am still experiencing it and in fact, I woke up about 3am. I think I got 2 hours of sleep […]

Home Alone

Well yeah, I am home alone. Haha. I should cherish this day because sooner or later, I will be busy for my new job. In fact, I have to got to Convergys Commonwealth tomorrow to get my schedule for next week. Waaa. This is it. I should go there tomorrow though I already passed my […]

I Love this Game

Since I was young, I love playing bingo. We had our bingo set when we were just kids at home and it was given to us by our relatives. At first, I did not enjoy the game because I did not know the mechanics on how to play it but after I learned the gameplay, […]

What Happened to Twitter?

Last July 23, 2011, I was surprised because I saw the image above. Gosh, I do not know what to do if that will be true though I only have few followers there. Good thing this was fixed. haha. I became more active now on twitter that is why I always update it more than […]

My Youtube Channel

Well, I had my youtube account way back ago. I think it was 3 years ago. haha. I started posting there since I was in second year college and as you can see, my posts there at that time really suck and I look too ugly. Haha. Probably, I still do not want to delete […]

Good Friend's Blog

Let me share my very good friend’s blog. I really love her taste when it comes to different things, clothes, colors, food, name it. Haha. Now, we upgraded her blog’s look. She actually wanted to have a new blog using wordpress or other stuff because she’s a bit bored with her tumblr account that is […]

Addicted to His New Kinect

Jay really wanted to play games and really interested buying his own Xbox 360 which he bought early this year. He was very excited about that and very much happy while he plays at home. The only problem there is that he does not have any playmate with his xbox and only plays alone. This […]