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My Version of Super Bass

I was reading the lyrics on the wall. Haha. Sorry for that. I recorded my own version of Super Bass by Nicki Minaj because me and my friend thought about memorizing the lyrics of this song. We both love her song and we really tried to sing it though we did not know how to […]

I Survived Nursing.

After a month and a half of waiting, I can now say that Officially, I am now a Registered Nurse. It’s been hard for me to claim it before because there are no results yet but now, I can. I was so nervous before the results were released because I am not sure if I […]

Dinner at Razon's

Because of Jay’s pay day last Aug 13, 2011, he treated me to go out and eat somewhere else. After walking and searching for something to eat, we arrived with this restaurant. I actually wanted to try there halo-halo because I heard that they are very famous because of this. I noticed that most of […]

Kids love Jollibee!

This photo was taken last August 7 with my sister. Dianne. Since I was young, Jollibee had been my favorite fast food chain and chicken joy was my favorite food back then. I think almost all children love fried chicken, right? Haha. I actually call fried chicken as chicken joy though I realized the chicken […]

Page Rank Update

I am really fortunate that all of my blogs increased their ranks in google except for xis.in because it stuck on the same rank as before which is PR2. I really established my blogs accordingly and it is good that I can see my hardships as it reflects to my rank. I was surprised when […]

School Works

We do have many projects during school days and I miss all those things since I now graduated from college. I remembered that we had too much assignments and works to do during highschool days than college years. We have to make some book reviews, story reviews, group works and other stuff. I remembered one […]

Back to Basic English

My training actually started this week and it was a bit okay. I feel better now than the last time I blogged because of Gastric Pain. We have our everyday lessons and it tackles about basic English language like vowels, consonants, preposition and how to pronounce words. It is good to review this things that […]