I am Donna. Registered Nurse. I am so much in love with music. I adore everything about fashion. Thank you for visiting my site. Comments are highly appreciated.

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Meet my New Baby

“Aha! You know what it is. Purpz and Yellow, Purpz and Yellow, Purpz and Yellow” Yehey! After my hard work, I already bought my new baby. His name is BIMBY. His full name is actually Drew Berry but I call him “Bimby” for short. I am really in love with him and with his color. […]

Lose Weight!

I really want to lose weight but I am to lazy to exercise and to burn those calories. I really need motivation but thanks to my friends. I became inspired to look more beautiful by telling me that I am too fat and the only thing that I need is just to lose weight. Haha! […]