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Shoe Lover

Every woman loves to dress up and wear gorgeous shoes. Some may be addicted to flat shoes but others might be more interested to high-heeled shoes. Wearing high-heeled shoes will make you look sexier and elegant especially when you are wearing designer shoes from different shops. This will hype your style and will make you […]

Cute Space Saver Rooms

While I was browsing tumblr, I saw these space saver rooms and I really loved it. Like seriously, they really look cool and I want to have a room like one of these photos someday. These designs are very useful especially for small places or limited space in their house. With these, they can transform […]

Happy 8th Month!

Yes, Today, my blog is 8 months old. I am really happy because time passes so fast. I can not imagine before that I can blog for this long and now, I realized that this is my theme for eight months now. I am a bit boring but I am lazy to change my theme […]

Face Dance

This face dance was popularized by Showtime, a local show here in the Philippines. It is really cool because I can see beautiful people make wacky faces and they are not afraid to look bad or ugly in front of the camera. I really admire them because they still look good like Anne Curtis. She […]

Music is my Life

As the title means, music is really my life. Without it, my life will be boring and dull. I really love listening to different kinds of soothing rhythms, any genre will do. Look at the name of this blog, precious melody, that is how I really appreciate music, melody and harmony. Haha. I love discovering […]

White Madness

I already used the photo above on my previous post about my weird lips. Haha. It looks weird right? Well, I just want to share this look and this was actually an old photo. This was taken last March 2011, I think. This was for an event called “Sampaguita Interlude”. I just saw this photo […]

Sisters' Bonding

I will just share some of the photos taken last month when our grandma went here to stay in the Philippines for couple of weeks. We went to Cavite and stayed there until evening just to talk to our relatives there. We were somehow bored. That is why we decided to take some photos outside […]