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Under the Sea

Encounter with the Sea lion. This was my best kiss ever! Haha I was so happy that we went here in ocean park. All the animals and fishes were lovely. First, we went to see the sea lion and I did not miss the opportunity to take a picture with them. They were so cute […]

Share Love: It's Christmas

I did not know how devastating it was until I saw some videos and pictures in some social networking sites. I know it is Christmas and with this incident, many of us will not be happy and will not enjoy this event with our family. We are still lucky that we are all alive but […]


This was taken months ago in a photo studio. Please hype if you like. Yesterday was an amazing day. It was very tiring but I was too happy. I really enjoyed a lot. We went to Ocean Park because I know that he loves fishes and our experience there was amazing. I will post about […]

Love and Be Lovable

I really feel tired today but I have to post here so that I can still update you and this blog. I am going to blog hop tomorrow or later. I am really exhausted and sleepy because I just came from work today and even though we were just sitting there and listening to the […]

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad’s birthday and he’s 48 years old now (i’m sorry for revealing your age). He always change his age whenever someone is asking him and we are used to it. As you can see in the photo, he is the one to blame for our complexion. Well yeah, it is too obvious […]

Feather Lovin'

I just want to share this look. I used the gorgeous feather earrings and I like it so much. Supposedly, I will post my tutorial that teaches you how to sing in different styles but whenever I am trying to upload it, there is always an error and I lost my patience because of that […]

Christmas Getaways

Everyone is excited this December because of Christmas, a time that can spend to their loved ones. This season is all about love and joy and of course, a time for family. All of us will have different Christmas party and exchange gifts with our friends. I actually miss Christmas parties in school because I […]