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Fashion Trend in 2012

It’s just the start of the year but I can feel the urge to shop for new clothes. Is it probably because I’ve worn almost all of my clothes and since it’s a new year, I want to wear a new set of clothes? Or is it because the fashion trend has changed already? Well, […]

Year-end High school Reunion

This is actually a late post. We had our reunion last December 30, 2011 in Cavite. Yes, actually we lived in Bacoor, Cavite 5 years ago and I spent my high school life there. It is very hard for me to meet them though because I am living now in Manila and whenever they have […]

Looking for the Right Shade

I am really addicted to lipsticks. I am really amazed how it changes the whole look with just a proper shade. Some of the colors will make you look simple and some will bring out the elegance in you. Now, the question is: What is the best shade for you? NOTE: This is just my […]

What's with my 2012?

I realized that I still have no photo this 2012 so I decided to have my own photoshoot. I was surprised because It was my first time to wake up at around 4am to 5pm. I actually felt like it is still morning. Haha. If my sister did not wake me up, I think I […]

How to Sing in Different Styles?

It is my first time to share this video here. I am so shy to share this video in facebook because I was not really serious while doing this one. I just shared what I observed with most of the singers and my tips there are just my opinion. I look funny and weird. I […]

The Eye is the Jewel of the Body

Your eyes are one of the greatest features of a person. I always look at them whenever I am talking to person and I always recognize person who has very beautiful and appealing eyes. Men also find girls attractive through their eyes. By barely looking at someone’s eyes can sometimes make you fall in love. […]

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is my mom’s birthday. I really think that she’s the best mom in the world. She is my best friend. We can tell everything to her especially our problems and for sure, she will understand it all. It is really good that I am comfortable telling her my stories. She is really a strong […]