I am Donna. Registered Nurse. I am so much in love with music. I adore everything about fashion. Thank you for visiting my site. Comments are highly appreciated.

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My Pink Cheetah Theme

I am really happy with my new theme. I just found the perfect theme that suits my taste and my style. I was looking for a good theme but it was always been a failure. But look, good thing, after my long search, I found the one! haha. It’s hot pink, so girly and very […]

Looking Geek

I was kind of busy this past few days due to my work and my nursing career. During my rest days, I took trainings to be an IV therapist. It was very hard because I don’t actually rest during my rest days, I still study. Good thing that the training is done now. I will […]

My Pimped Blackberry Case

I was searching for a cute and blinged case everywhere. I can only see those stuff online and for me, it’s too expensive. I now personalized my case and bought designs in malls. My boyf actually helped me in finding stores to search for designs and we stopped to National Bookstore in Cubao. Tadaaa! We […]

Adding a little luxury to life

A few tips on designer accessories and clothing for men  Whether your style idol is Don Draper or Johnny Depp, most men feel the need to invest in a little bit of luxury from time to time. This doesn’t mean going overblown like an even more idiotic version of P Diddy, rather taking the time […]


This is another look before going to work. The ttile was “Scyscraper” because it was stuck inside my mind this last few days. Yeah, you call that “Last Song Syndrome” or LSS. I keep singing it and I just don’t know why. I actually recorded this song but it sucks. Haha. If I have courage, […]

Viva Violet

This has been a busy week for me. I will not take my rest days anymore because I enrolled in an IV training in Veterans Hospital. My off or rest days will be this coming Saturday and Sunday but I have a schedule for that training. I somehow feel that I still wanted to perform […]