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Portion Plates

Wine Supplies

Are you planning to make a home-made wine or beer? If you think it’s impossible, well, you’re definitely wrong. You can possibly make your own tasty wine or beer at home! All you need to have are wine supplies or beer making supplies. After all, wine and beer making isn’t hard to do. You only […]

Dinner at Razon's

Because of Jay’s pay day last Aug 13, 2011, he treated me to go out and eat somewhere else. After walking and searching for something to eat, we arrived with this restaurant. I actually wanted to try there halo-halo because I heard that they are very famous because of this. I noticed that most of […]

Clover Bits?

Do you know about that food? It was my favourite when I was young. It is like clover chips that are crashed into tiny bits. It can be bought on a sari-sari store and it is only one peso. I usually buy it before. I do not know if it is still available in the […]

Hot and Spicy

I like spicy foods. I am the only daughter in the family that loves it. My sisters do not want to try eating those foods that were spicy. I love it because it makes the food more thrilling. Haha. Sometimes you get to sweat because of too much chilliness on what you are eating. It […]

Chocolate is Love

I want to eat many chocolates but it is only depending on my mood. There are some days that I do not want to eat chocolates but there are MORE times where I want to eat more and more chocolates. I think I am weird because I do not like eating chocolates that have almonds […]

I am a Milk-a-holic

Many people do not like drinking milk but for me it is not a problem. Ever since I was young, I love milk. I probably prefer milks with less sugar because I can taste the real milk on it. It is good because my boyfriend and I both love to drink milk and we prefer […]