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I Love This Game

This past few days, I became very busy. I easily get so tired at times whenever we have our classes and training. What I need is an ice breaker. I mean, I really want to be entertained during my lunch break or coffee breaks. I downloaded a lot of games on my iPod touch and […]

Tag of War

The Tag Game

I got tagged by my sister Dianne few days ago and this is the first time that I will answer any tag games. Haha. Here are the rules! 1. You must post these rules. 2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal. 3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you […]

Addicted to His New Kinect

Jay really wanted to play games and really interested buying his own Xbox 360 which he bought early this year. He was very excited about that and very much happy while he plays at home. The only problem there is that he does not have any playmate with his xbox and only plays alone. This […]

Excited for Kinect

Last July 10, 2011, me and my boyfriend went to greenhills to buy kinect for him. It was given by his brother and promised to give it after the board exam. Of course, Jay is very much excited about it. He went here in Manila straight from Batangas. It had been three days that we […]

PS move vs. Kinect

Another big fight is between the PS move of PS3 and kinect of 360. I have tried the kinect in my friend’s place and it was bloody awesome. You dont need any controller since the controller is your body and it is a good work out because you will burn a lot of calories while […]

Harvest Moon!

I love harvest moon so much. We played this ever since I was young. Our whole family loves this and we sometimes play this together. I was a part of our bonding moments back then. In this photo, it was harvest moon, boy and girl but back then, we play in our Play station 1, […]