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Rheem Heat Pump

Everyone needs to stay warm and comfortable in their workplace and even at home. We need to stay relaxed and calm at all times. This can make us feel good about ourselves and environment. Of course in choosing products or items, these items must be in good quality and can stay out long. It can […]

buy a rickenbacker

I am a fan of music. Everybody does anyway, or not? Well, I always wanted to learn how to play guitar. I know a little actually. But that’s not enough. I want to learn more and be able to buy a rickenbacker someday, just someday. Not that it is not possible to own one today, […]

Connect the Dots

I just received a package from OASAP. I really love the dress. The texture is so soft and it really suits my body type. I also like the style. You can actually pair it with jeans, leggings or just use it as a dress. This can make you look simple yet classy and sexy. It […]

REVIEW: Brown Contact Lenses by Kiwiberry1

I actually received a package from them few weeks ago but I only had a chance to try the other one. Haha. I reserved this other contact lenses for this post today, I am very lucky to have contact lenses from Kiwiberry1. I already tried one of their products, the gray one and I really […]

Review: Gray Contact Lenses by Kiwiberry1-Collection

Finally got these package from Kiwiberry1-Collection. I was so excited because I really want to try their awesome items since I heard too many good things about their shop. As you can see on the photos, I received to set of contact lenses but the other one will be surprise. I will post about the […]

Review: ES A655 Eye Lashes by KKcenterhk

I got this amazing package from KKcenterhk. I was so excited to try those fabulous eye lashes. I rarely wear falsies to be honest because some does not look so natural however this product made me think twice. This is a very organized package. It looks simple yet elegant. I became more excited when I […]

REVIEW: Dolly Eye – Ariale Violet by Uniqso

I got my package earlier and It was Dolly Eye – Ariale Violet by Uniqso. I was very excited to have these contact lenses. Honestly, It is my first time to have lenses because I am scared to use this. I think that my eyes are really sensitive and I think that I will not […]