I am Donna. Registered Nurse. I am so much in love with music. I adore everything about fashion. Thank you for visiting my site. Comments are highly appreciated.

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I Got Featured

Click here to view. I was surprised that when I checked stylebible.ph I was there and featured. Actually, my friend, eve just informed me about this on my facebook page. I will not be aware until she mentioned this to me. I did not expect it actually and I almost forgot that site as well. […]

Sassy Girl

Remember Me This Way (Cover) Hope you like it. This song was requested by my clinical instructor before. This is one of my favorite songs. I really love the message and the melody of it. We sang this in a Mental Institution and the patients liked it so much. We taught them how to sing […]

New Work. New Friends.

Me (Donna), Laine, Henry, Mm Another bright thing when you are working is finding new friends. It is very fun working with them and we can also tell stories anytime though I miss some of them because we are not together now. Before, we were 20 and now, we are only 12 and it really […]

Kids love Jollibee!

This photo was taken last August 7 with my sister. Dianne. Since I was young, Jollibee had been my favorite fast food chain and chicken joy was my favorite food back then. I think almost all children love fried chicken, right? Haha. I actually call fried chicken as chicken joy though I realized the chicken […]

Requirements for Job

Hello guys! Haha It’s been a while since I updated my blog. Do not worry, I will blog hop soon and I will make sure that I will update my blogs. I enjoyed doing this somehow, well, I just signed my contract in convergys. I was choosing between two companies and I ended up choosing […]