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I Love This Game

This past few days, I became very busy. I easily get so tired at times whenever we have our classes and training. What I need is an ice breaker. I mean, I really want to be entertained during my lunch break or coffee breaks. I downloaded a lot of games on my iPod touch and […]

Meet my new baby, Britney

iPod Touch 4th Generation I am really happy to have Britney in my life. She was given to me by my Aunt and Uncle. They asked me last year, after I passed the Board exam if I want something as a gift. I did not hesitate and said, “iPod touch 4th gen”. Yes, It was […]

Music is my Life

As the title means, music is really my life. Without it, my life will be boring and dull. I really love listening to different kinds of soothing rhythms, any genre will do. Look at the name of this blog, precious melody, that is how I really appreciate music, melody and harmony. Haha. I love discovering […]