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Color it Gray

Please hype this look. I love this gray outfit. It looks very classy and simple. I have been out for a long time. I haven’t been updating my blog for some personal post or outfit post. I already uploaded this on lookbook but this is the only time that I will talk about this here […]

New Work, New Chapter

“Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.” If you were reading my posts before, you already know that my first work was in a call center industry. I worked as an agent even though I am a registered nurse. I worked there because it is very difficult to find job as a nurse […]

I Got Featured

Click here to view. I was surprised that when I checked stylebible.ph I was there and featured. Actually, my friend, eve just informed me about this on my facebook page. I will not be aware until she mentioned this to me. I did not expect it actually and I almost forgot that site as well. […]

Looking Geek

I was kind of busy this past few days due to my work and my nursing career. During my rest days, I took trainings to be an IV therapist. It was very hard because I don’t actually rest during my rest days, I still study. Good thing that the training is done now. I will […]

Viva Violet

This has been a busy week for me. I will not take my rest days anymore because I enrolled in an IV training in Veterans Hospital. My off or rest days will be this coming Saturday and Sunday but I have a schedule for that training. I somehow feel that I still wanted to perform […]

What's with my 2012?

I realized that I still have no photo this 2012 so I decided to have my own photoshoot. I was surprised because It was my first time to wake up at around 4am to 5pm. I actually felt like it is still morning. Haha. If my sister did not wake me up, I think I […]

FEATURED: Marvilen Martinez

This is the first time that I will feature someone on my blog. I am so honored to post about this very fabulous girl. She is so humble and really beautiful inside and out. She was Ms. Nursing 2009 and She was Ms. Trinity University of Asia 2010. I am so proud to be her […]