I am Donna. Registered Nurse. I am so much in love with music. I adore everything about fashion. Thank you for visiting my site. Comments are highly appreciated.

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My 21st Birthday

Thank you so much to those who greeted me on twitter, facebook and also by posting on their blogs like Dianne of ohlockedheart.com and Lhyzie of lhyziebongon.com. I really appreciated all of those. I was kind of busy on my birthday because I still go to St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City for my training. […]

I Got Featured

Click here to view. I was surprised that when I checked stylebible.ph I was there and featured. Actually, my friend, eve just informed me about this on my facebook page. I will not be aware until she mentioned this to me. I did not expect it actually and I almost forgot that site as well. […]

Back to Basic English

My training actually started this week and it was a bit okay. I feel better now than the last time I blogged because of Gastric Pain. We have our everyday lessons and it tackles about basic English language like vowels, consonants, preposition and how to pronounce words. It is good to review this things that […]

What Happened to Twitter?

Last July 23, 2011, I was surprised because I saw the image above. Gosh, I do not know what to do if that will be true though I only have few followers there. Good thing this was fixed. haha. I became more active now on twitter that is why I always update it more than […]